I Create More Time & Space

for your life to expand and flow

My mission is to support successful but overwhelmed parents who want it all for their families, while also living fulfilling personal lives and/or running a family business or foundation.

Family Systems Manager and Coach

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Health and Special Needs Support




Creating solutions for the needs of a complex family system; resolving problems, developing systems, and promoting ease.


Offerings and Services

Family Assistant

Do you need help managing all the parts of your family and home?

•  Scheduling and organizing family activities
•  Creating systems and processes for simplification
•  Household Management and Staffing
•  Coordination of child, elder, or animal care
•  Nutrition and meals planning
•  Event planning and management
•  Finances and administration

Johanna managed to create a peaceful feeling every single day.

There's nothing more calm-inducing than coming into a tidy, peaceful, and welcoming home. No matter what happened during the rest of the day, a clean space with dinner on the table is always a refuge and relief. Somehow, even with all the chaos out in the world, Johanna managed to create a peaceful organized feeling every single day.

- Business owners and parents of two kids in Berkeley -

Professional Assistant

Do you need help aligning your personal family life with your professional responsibilities, business, or foundation?

Integration and bridging of personal and professional life
Executive support, wrap-around management
Chief of Staff, strategy and project management
Finances and operations support
Communications and information management
Staff management and business logistics coordination

She has so many different skills and talents.

Johanna came to us as a content expert and started as a project manager in the field, but when I needed a Chief of Staff to help me start a new department she was my natural choice because she has so many different skills and talents. She just pulls them out as if I had a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. Absolutely invaluable support!

- Executive Vice President, International Development Agency -

health & Special Needs Assistant

Is someone in your family struggling? Do you need some additional support from a family navigator who can help turn the striving into thriving?

Health research and advocacy
Special needs childcare strategy and coordination of providers
Integration of health care services and administration
Hospitalization recovery and caretaker support
Elder care coordination
Special needs coaching for parents and family

She made a difficult process feel easier.

Johanna is incredibly empathetic and smart, so I often referred parents and new families to her so she could advise and mentor them as they were navigating services for their kids. She made a difficult process feel easier and more structured, even for me as a provider. 

- Child + Adolescent Psychologist, Oakland -

Education & Learning Assistant

Are you and/or your kids juggling needs at school and beyond? Do you need help optimizing your family's learning experience? I can help.

Education planning (school and college preparation)
Individualized Education Planning (IEPs) and 504 plans
Education therapy and neuropsychological navigation support
Tutoring or coaching navigation
Homeschooling coordination
Self-improvement workshop and retreat organization
Adult Education coordination

I was so grateful for her help! 

I met Johanna when I just started homeschooling my youngest kids and she was transitioning her child back into regular school. Wow, what timing! She had designed all these systems and even developed a database of UC Berkeley graduate students who were available to teach small classes for homeschooling kids. She really had the process nailed and I was so grateful for her help! 

- Homeschooling parent, Oakland -

Personal Assistant

Are you wishing you had more time? Let me organize and open up your schedule and create more space for the life you want to live – it's waiting for you.

Scheduling and calendar management
Travel arrangements and bookings
'Chief of Stuff'
Recreation and entertaining
Personal nutrition and health support
Personal finances and administration

She made everything look so easy!

I had been putting off some important tasks for months—like creating an earthquake kit!—so I asked Johanna to help me and she made everything look so easy! She is intuitive and resourceful, and I recommend her to anyone who needs to get stuff done. 

- Neighbor and friend, Berkeley -

property & Estate Management

Do you have projects to manage or properties to optimize? Let me help you manage your home and/or estate.

Household staffing
Maintenance and vendor supervision
Support with renovation projects
Rental property / Airbnb / VRBO management
Interior and exterior design coordination

She made sure everything was done on time and on budget.

When we sold our house there were so many moving parts that we really needed help to get and stay organized. As a busy executive I didn't have time to manage this process, so Johanna worked with the agents and vendors to make sure everything was done on time and on budget. I'm not sure what I would have done without her – perhaps never gotten my house on the market! 

- Berkeley luxury home owner -

Full Package: Personal Chief of staff

Do you and your family need a full-time Chief of Staff to bridge across ALL personal and professional affairs?

I provide strategic-level support to ultra-complex families that need right-hand partnership across all facets of personal and professional life. If your family system includes an active business or philanthropy,  I can provide management of your executive office, while ensuring that your family's priorities are well-managed across home/property, family, education, health, finances, and business affairs.

This would be a special circumstance and mutual opportunity to build a unique relationship that spans across an exceptionally broad set of needs. It is a full-time thought partnership with a trusted advisor.

If you think that might be your family and you need a higher degree wrap-around support, let's talk about what's possible.

She helps me structure things so I get more clarity on how to proceed.

I admire and appreciate Johanna for her sharp mind and her enormous versatility and knowledge. For almost any topic I bring up to her, she has great advice, asks very valuable questions and often helps me structure things so I get more clarity on how to proceed. Johanna is a huge asset to anyone with personal and professional challenges.

- Friend and Colleague, Berkeley -